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poet, essayst, literary critic, translator, anthologist. Born 6th November 1946 in the village of Negrevo, Malesh region. Finished primary education in Negrevo and Pehchevo, high school in Berovo. Graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje. From 1979-1980 he was on a study visit to Paris on a scholarship granted by the French government. Worked as a journalist with “Mlad borec”, also at the Institute for protection of cultural monuments as well as with the magazine “Zena”. Currently editor of “Nase pismo”, newspaper of the Independent writers of Macedonia Association.
Author of the following books of poetry: Blue whirlpool (1977), Lights and Twilights (1978), The eye of the dark one (1980), Poems for Ognen (1983), Roe and Wing (1985), Voices (1987), The three – eyed one (1989), Instants (1992), A man and a woman facing the stars (1994), The origin of light (1995), Troy (1996), This cosmic draught (1998).
Books of poetry for children: The tower with the golden bell (1989), Goldfish (1991), A sea in a dream (1992), 88 Poems for the moon (1993), Sunny songs (1994). His poetry has been published in several languages.
Books of essays and criticism: Orion (1985), Kernel (1988), In search of the whole (1990), The island of Hypnos (1992), Image and Reflection (1996), Horizons of the word (2000).
He has also edited (selection, foreword) “Selected Works of A.S.Pushkin” in Macedonian language in 5 volumes (Skopje, 1986), “Selected Works of A.S. Lermontov” in 3 volumes (Skopje, 1991) and “Russian Poets of 19th and 20th century” (Skopje, 1998).
Awards include: “Miladinov Brothers”, “13th November” – the city of Skopje, “Aco Shopov” by the Macedonian Writers’ Association, “Gligor Prlichev”.

Address: Jane Sandanski 86/5-19, 1000 Skopje.
Tel: ++ 389 02 451 495.

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