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Born in 1972 in Skopje. Works as a Research Fellow at the Institute of Macedonian Literature and Ass. Professor of Cultural Studies in Literature at the same Institute. Holds BA, MA and Ph.D. from the Department of Macedonian Literature and South Slavic Literature at the Faculty in Skopje “Blaze Koneski”. She completed research stay at the Oxford University in UK in 2004. Participated in numerous meetings and conferences in the field of folklore, literature and cultural studies in Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and others.
Published books: “The poetics of Macedonian folk riddles” (Skopje: Makedonska kniga, 2002), “Naked guest (Anthology of Macedonian Erotic Folklore)” (Skopje: MI-AN, 2007), “Myth and ritual in the Macedonian folklore – relations and interferences “(Skopje: Institute of Macedonian Literature, 2008) and “Koneski and folklore “(Skopje: Institute of Macedonian Literature, 2012) and numerous articles in scientific periodicals in the country and abroad. Also published app. 180 columns on gender and cultural issues in the weekly magazine “Globus”. Currently she is a regular columnist for the daily newspaper “Nova Makedonija”.
Translates from (and into) English and Serbian.

Ana Martinoska is editor of Blesok Essays and Blesok Reviews.

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