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Ana Frangovska, senior curator (b.1978, Skopje)

Creative and dynamic art professional with twenty years curatorial, educational and research experience in the contemporary visual arts. She works as senior curator at the Macedonian National Gallery for the past fifteen years. Frangovska is a PhD candidate of Transdisciplinary studies in Contemporary Arts and Media at the Faculty of Arts and Media in Belgrade. She has effective public relations and presentations skills, and ample experience in written communication, planning and conducting art marketing campaigns. Selected international curatorial projects: ‘In Search of a Common Ground 2’ (together with Bojana Janeva and Ars Acta), exhibition of ten contemporary Macedonian artists, Halle 50, Munich, 2017; ‘Essence of Existence’(together with Maja Chankulovska-Mihajlovska and Gorancho Gjorgjievski), exhibition of contemporary Macedonian art, Art Center Lauba, Zagreb, Croatia, 2015; ‘Utopia’, international conceptual exhibition, Multimedia center Mala Stanica, Skopje, Macedonia, 2015; ‘In Search of a Common Ground’ (together with Bojana Janeva and Ars Acta), exhibition of eleven contemporary Macedonian artists, Center for Contemporary Art, Baku, Azerbaijan; ‘Transfiguration’ – conceptual group exhibition of Macedonian contemporary art, Czech Center Prague, Prague, Czech Republic, 2014; ‘Bread and salt’ – conceptual group exhibition of Macedonian contemporary art, Porcia Palace, Vienna, Austria, 2013; ‘Silentiopathologia’, Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva, Pavilion of Republic of Macedonia at the 55th Venice Biennale, Italy, 2013; ‘Black and white or not’ group exhibition of Macedonian contemporary art, CAM Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, Napoli, Italy, 2013; ‘Crucial in selection” Flemish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Belgium, 2008; ‘Eastern neighbours’, Babylon Cultural Center, Utrecht, Netherlands, 2006; ‘Art exchange’ 2004, Angels Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro, Los Angeles, USA, 2004; 10 Macedonian artists at the Autumn Salon, Paris, France, 2002, etc. Since 2012, she is co- founder and member of the Institute for Arts and Culture “Ars Acta”. She is running an international residency in the village of Galichnik, western Macedonia, which exists 31 years.

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