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Sotir Golabovski

Musicologyst and composer

#1 born in 1937 in Struga, Macedonia

BA in Composition (1961, University of Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia),
BA in Sociology and Philosophy (University “Sts. Cyril and Methodius” – Skopje)
Master’s degree in Composition (University of Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Doctor’ s degree in Paleography (1985, University “Cyril and Methodius”)

More than 70 musical compositions, mainly chamber and orchestral

Desipherments and harmonizations:
Dionis Popovski:”Gospodi vozvah”, I mode; Kalistrat Zografski:”Dostojno est”, I mode; Jovan Harmosin Ohridski: ”Dostojno est”, V mode; Kalistrat Zografski : ”Oca I sina”, V
mode; Vasilij Mladenov: ”So svjatimu upokoj”, VIII mode; Ilija Hadi-Dimzov: ”Oca I sina”,VIII mode; Jovan Kukuzel: ”Vladiku I svjashcheno nachalnika nashego” VII mode, 14th century; Anonimous:” Hymn for Sts.Cyril and Metodius”, 19th century; Anonimous:”V’sija blagolepnie vozdrzhanie”, IV mode, 19th century; St. Climent Ohridski:”Stradanija spasitelni”, VI mode; Anonimous:”Krishchi ungljal”, I mode, 19th century; Kalistrat Zografski:”Dostojno est”, II mode, 19th century; Kalistrat Zografski:”Dostojno est”, V mode; Kalistrat Zografski:”Dostojno est”, VII mode, 19th century; Harmosin Ohridski:”Dostojno est”, V mode, 19th century

Over 40 essays

Traditional and Experimental Macedonian Music, Macedonian Review, Skopje 1984
Macedonian Church Chant -Octoexos I , Skopje 1992 Macedonian Church Chant-Octoexos II, Skopje 1995


Orchestral music:
Simphony Nr.1 (1969), Introspection (1960), Three Variations on a folk theme for chamber orchestra (1961), Divertimento for orchestra (1961), Andante for orchestra (1962), ”Kroki”– for flute and orchestra (1963), Excentric Structures – for chamber orchestra (1969), Microspaces -for chamber orchestra (1970), Space 1– for chamber orchestra (1971), Symphonic sketch “Panche Peshev” (1972), Space 2 (1972), Space 3 (1973), Space 4 (1974), Concerto for oboe and string orchestra (`1976), Space 5 (1976),Space 6 (1977), Structure 9 – for chamber orchestra (1977), Concerto for cello and orchestra (1979), Karaorman – ouverture for symphonic orchestra (1981), Adagio for horn and string orchestra (1981), Concerto for piano and string orchestra (1987)

Chamber music:
Three Bagatelles– for horn and piano (1959), Impression – for violin and piano (1964), Polinom Nr.1 – for string quartet (1964), Structure 5 – for string quartet (1971), Structure 6 – for piano trio (1975), Adagio – for doublebass and piano (1975), Polinom X– for horn and piano (1975), Structure 7 – for piano trio (1976), Stucture 8 -for violin, doublebass and piano (1976), Suite for violin and piano (1980), Suite Nr.2 for violin and piano (1980)

Vocal – instrumental:
Slovenian Echo – cantata for soloists, choir and orchestra (1975), Spring Song – for voice and orchestra (1970), A Story for the Ant and the Grasshopper – children’s opera (1982)

”Melody” Nr.1 – for mixed choir (1969), Zaramneti bregovi– for female choir (1969), Rakatka Nr.1 – for mixed choir (1976), Rakatka Nr.2 – for mixed choir (1981), Epos 1 – for children’s choir (1983)

Voice and piano:
Kraj ezero (1962), Nok na osamenici (1869), Two Mistakes (1982), “Mesec na ocistuvanje (1985)

Music for children:
for chamber orchestra: Winter Night (1960), The Morning (1960), The Rabbit (1960), Sledging (1960)

Solo instruments:
Sonatina for piano (1959), Arabesque for piano (1959), Lyric Piece for piano (1961), Macedonian Dance for piano (1963), Inovation for solo flute (1963)

Professor at UKIM School of Music, Theory and Composition Department. Member of the Macedonian Academy of Arts and Sciences

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