Radost! Liberates

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Radost! Liberates

Uroš Milovanović
Vladimir Horvat

Ilegalni poslastičari presents legal Radost!
RADOST! Oslobađa
(Kornet Recordings)

#1 This release has finally seen Croatian band Radost! becoming an official member of multimedia, creative and artistic movement Ilegalni poslastičari, while Kornet Rec continued underpinning domestic pop establishment. What Radost! has done, nobody in the ex-Yu region didn’t have strength or guts to do since the early releases of Jarboli.

Despite the witty humor, Radost! lacks focus, making it different from the above mentioned Belgrade band. They are often dissipated in making rhymes that finally loose significance when confronted with virtuous pop-rock melodies. Most of the songs remain unfinished, or in a better word, unbalanced. But besides that, Radost!, as such, successfully widens low-fi approach to domestic music and its ex-Yu region heritage. Solid successor of the extreme pop compilation Šta treba maloj deci.
To be continued.

Recommendation: GJVN, Svi su mrtvi, Mikroskop, Metamatematika.
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