Little blues, little rock, much soul

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Little blues, little rock, much soul

Interview with Devon Allman


Devon Allman is the real example of the old expression – that the apple falls under the apple tree – and it’s high accuracy; he’s a son of the famous Greg Allman, the vocalist and the keyboard player of the legendary American band Allman Brothers Band. Both vocalist and leader of a new band that would be weaving legends in the times yet to come. In Skopje, at the Blues & Soul Festival he came as the special guest of the guitarist Javier Vargas and he initiate the concert to be high-octane blues-rock party, worthy of any great blues and rock masters.

#2Did you know where you’re coming, or what kind of a Festival you’re coming to?
– No. I had to look on the map to find out where Macedonia is. You see, this is one of that things – I was aware of the existence of Macedonia, but… I live in America, I’m good at geography, and I do know the whereabouts about the most of the places in the world, but I needed some help about Macedonia… But I finally discovered it, and here I am!

You are in the role of the special guest at the Vargas Blues Band concerts. Can you describe how you feel & manage side by side with this Latino guys?
– It was always extraordinary feeling to hear Latino-blooded folks playing blues. The Blues is very “americanish” music form, but they play it quite well. We met at the same studio where they were recording their newest album in Memphis. We had the same producer, we hanged around together, so we simply were “circumstanced” one to another. And – here I am: in Europe, at their concerts.

#3As a son of a famous musician, your life-path and your professional orientation were pre-determined. You grew up with the blues all around you. But anyway, what was your entrance in this business like?
– I’ve started to learn the instruments at my five years of age, and on my twelve I’ve already began to play in public. That came so normal, because I love to play Rock & Roll, Blues… It couldn’t be different at all, as I’ve started to listen to this kind of music along with my father, that I can’t even imagine to do anything else.

Was your father’s glory a burden for you to carry?
– I’ve always done my businesses alone and by myself. I never give a thought about that, about my father – my preoccupation is the music alone. I leave to the journalists to think who my father was. For me, he was my father and that’s it. Not some rock-star! I’ve never felt any kind of pressure or need to compete with my father’s fame or skills. I just see to do my work – to play my music.

#4With exactly which music Devon grew up? On the music that Allman Brothers Band played, or…
– No. I grew up with Beatles. When I was four or five years old, my mother was permanently listening Paul, George and Ringo and their music entered my soul and ears. I go nuts about their music even today.

Now you perform with Vargas, but you also have a project of your own. How would you define your own music-project?
– With Javier, we have performed many times, but with my “root-band” in America, that is called Honey Tribe, I play something that could be sublimated as: a little blues, a little rock, and much, much of a soul. It’s hard to define or describe the kind of music we play. It’s a kind of a rock & roll with soul. Very emotional. We should appear with an album at the end of this year…

Translated by: Petar Volnarovski

Devon Allman‘s music is available on his web site (

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