Let the One with Ears Hear! Or: Politically incorrect music

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Let the One with Ears Hear! Or: Politically incorrect music

Mizar, third revelation: Kobna ubavina

Hey you don’ t help them to bury the light
Don’t give in without a fight.
(Pink Floyd: “Hey You”, The Wall)

#1 It is not only the musical side of the Kobna ubavina (Terrible Beauty) album that inspired me to write an emotional text. True, I discover an exceptional combination of harmonies and melodies in it (which is the only thing that interests me and touches me when it comes to music). Pure music is pure emotion, or: a noble passion. This gives a moral justification to the paradox: that it is a piece of music, more than all expert intellectualizations and philosophical declarations in Macedonia these last years, more than any of them, that I am inspired by the cause of this album, its ideological and artistic concept, its philosophical background, the poetic-symbolical power of the lyrics, and most of all – its fierce political involvement. This is what happens when the two key elements of a creative work meet at one place: artistic talent (emotion, that is, love, understood as agape) and pure idea (reason, as an embodiment of the cognitive being of man, in a Plato-like meaning). Plus honesty, courage and knowledge to tell things directly when truth is in question, and metaphorically when poetry sings. Kobna ubavina “got me on” terribly.
So, less and less things in Macedonia are inspiration, and more and more are conspiracy. We all witness and participate the dying of a civilization we know and were built from. This is the reason why we can not see its full agony. We are inside and we contribute to it. We can not understand that there is too much esthetics and too little beauty. A small difference at first sight, but one with enormous spiritual consequences.
This work is so “politically incorrect” (code of the world oligarchy that covers everything that is not mainstream, that is, poor in mind, in all areas of society, music included) and antagonistic towards the false reality that we live under the political and spiritual dictatorship of Leviathan called international community, which is by far more efficient than the crazy fundamentalist threats of anthrax, for example. Ironically, and maybe not, if we sent Kobna ubavina to the bugged offices of the bureaucratic rats of Brussels, Washington and London, and if they understood it, there would not be more than three days before some trained monkey with diplomatic manners came to recommend not to listen to it, that is, to boycott it, because it would undoubtedly distance us from the Euro-Atlantic integration.
Kobna ubavina is an anti-globalist re-loud of the washed brain, in our case thoroughly scrubbed with the stage detergent made of plagiarisms, obsession with Euro songs, sexisms – by an unbearably poisonous kitsch, the first and last messenger of the death of the authentic culture. I do not even want to mention the geopolitical aggression where the so-called “open society” (in Popper-like Sorosoide-Sorositic meaning) has been purposely turned into a open perversion of life, into a brothel where third-class world scum with suspicious sexual orientations come and copulate with local political whores.
Mizar did not wan to be hypocritical. Mizar could not be hypocritical. The investment that they faced, with their third revelation was too big for them to allow themselves stage tricks, that is, lies. Therefore, they consciously made a musically deep and supreme, fully involved album, refusing to cowardly close their eyes before the reality. From here, from the essence of the injustice, from the conspiracy against reality, they drew an authentic force, motivated and shaped in a superior creative and idea concept. Kobna ubavina is a civilization synthesis between the best of the western postmodern sound and authentic Macedonian archetypal melody. It is a paradigm of the fact that Macedonia itself is only possible as a synthesis, and it is its noble historical and spiritual mission. It is a mixture of civilizations, universal and not globalistic values. It is essentially different. The concept of globalization rests on the entropy of identity, universality rests on the identity itself, which in its archetype has remained open to real values, but is also able to produce them.
Therefore, here there is no hatred, because beauty is created only by love. It is the one that demolishes the globalization utopia of the terribly twisted values and black nobilities that manipulate with us, Balkan peasants, who persistently refuse to admit to ourselves that we can be both more hard working and nobler than them.
With fully responsibility I claim: Kobna ubavina is equal to the best of Pink Floyd – both musically, poetically and conceptually, both according to the social involvement and according to its uncompromising force – and it supercedes them metaphorically, where Mizar’s bird drinks water from the original Macedonian melo-poetry.
This third revelation of Mizar is the most powerful so far. They were looking for it far and long, as far as Australia, but they finally found it in themselves, in their authentic being. The revelation does not necessarily have to mean end of the world and divine revolution, but that the salvation of the world from us is inside ourselves, in the power to have a cognitive evolution of our reason and give beauty. In this case, it is a terrible one, as Goran, Gorazd and the others consciously pushed in their authentic revolt and shaped it in a Promethean way (Here comes the day,/ the payback time/ for Your Invisible Empire./ O, Unholy Sire!/… Yоu’d better run./)
That is why Armageddon has turned into an ArmaKedon in the work of Mizar. It is not by chance that they say in the song: We shall kill them with beauty! We have no other weapons. In its political and social end, Macedonia has no other weapons but beauty, and Dostoyevsky should also be followed: Beauty shall save the world. Therefore, it is from the Macedonian predar-Macedonian political utopia, from the neo-colonial and neo-imperialistic Potemkin village of war masters of the international community that the re-actualization of the universal thought of Friedrich Schiller comes: Fulfillment of political freedom is the biggest work of art. It is what Mizar’s album is: Fight against the invisible slavery of the “Invisible empire”. Literary. And not only spiritually. Therefore, Mizar will have problems imposing their album Kobna ubavina to the public as much as it deserves. But nevertheless, they have fertilized the eternal truth, and it will find its road to the souls of the political and spiritual slaves itself. There is nothing more beautiful than truth, no matter how ugly it looks. And nothing stronger.
In the end, I just want to say the following, no matter how much it is a result of the current national frustration: although Macedonia looks historically and politically defeated today, it is not spiritually, because, keep in mind – nobody has sung more beautifully than the Macedonian until now! Imagine the Titanic triumph, how persistent and clear it has been for ages. The definitive proof of this, even in the current enslaved Macedonia, is before you in this album. For me, it is unquestionable.
Therefore, even when someone with ill intentions, and we have those by default, tries to harm, according to me, with the most vicious Macedonian curse, which means: May God make you sing to deaf ears! – do not worry: it just shows how much God cares about music. The best answer to those, at a symbolic and allegorical New Testament level, in the context of the revelations of Mizar, is that music/cause of Kobna ubavina sounds as the fifth trumpet of Jericho.
So, let the one with ears hear!

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Translated by: Elizabeta Bakovska

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