Down Elvis’s Road: Herzegovina Winters and American Prairies

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Down Elvis’s Road: Herzegovina Winters and American Prairies


Translated from Bosnian: Elizabeta Bakovska

With me, everything somehow starts with Elvis. As an old and faded sweetheart, but also love, in the sense that I have discovered that emotion via it. That is how it goes with music and Elvis. Thanks to him I came across pieces that still active under my skin even nowadays, equally effective as in the very beginning.

As I grew up, I broadened my appetites for music, discovering on the way everything that could not fit within the frame of the 1950es music. But still, Elvis was the silent roadmap and via him I found details that would make me try new things. That is how I got to love Strummer’s band The 101 mostly because of their version of Elvis’s song “Heartbreak Hotel”. Dire Straits were but a name of the MTV screen until the moment I heard them calling Elvis as I passed by.

Things went one after another and the years passed by, and then Nick Cave came; I didn’t get along with him in the beginning. He claimed that Elvis gave mostly and that he was the best at the end of his career and life, in the 1970es, stoned under the bright lights of Las Vegas. Many years passed by before I understood what he had talked about. And that what he said absolutely made sense.

And then I discovered Cowboy Junkies and their song about Elvis.

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