DEVASTATIONS: Once We Were All Warriors!

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DEVASTATIONS: Once We Were All Warriors!

Masters of Silence

There are days when the sun does not want to wake us up. The eyelids are heavy as if they keep the windows of the old buildings where the nights last but for few hours. If the lids are open, the looks might burn the universe. The stars of the moment explode while the story takes its final shapes, when the words become too much, and the melodies self-destruct.
The Australians like to write with silence in their thoughts, said Standish. Devastations dealt with silence – added Howard and continued – Holes, big enough and empty enough to fill in the Grand Canyon. Silence and how to fill it in. And what to fill it in with, and when? And the reply to this last part of the riddle is the song. The song too is the part in which Devastations perform.
Oh, Australia, do you remember Rowland S. Howard and his fronts? Boys Next Door, Birthday Party, Bad Seeds, Crime and the City Solution. Lydia Lunch, how is he in your memory? Australia, thank you for him and the dingo, thank you for Devastations and the Aborigines. They were all warriors once.

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