DEVASTATIONS: Once We Were All Warriors!

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DEVASTATIONS: Once We Were All Warriors!

Masters of Silence

From the first listening, Devastations sounded somehow too good to last. I wish I were wrong when I felt this. I wish they had not reminded me of life. Although I still hope that they would surprise me. As if I did not know that we simply grow out of some things, everything else is in vain when what has been spent is missing, the core of the moment, the passion that happens and lasts. Until it disappears. And that is it. When t burns to the end, you move on. If you are brave enough, sometimes you turn.
Once can not learn from one’s mistakes They are part of our lives. Just as the real moves. And we are as we are. What is our mistake at one moment is not in another. There is a thin line of non-existence and our actions evolve just as we ourselves. And some mistakes are juicier than countless real moves. Especially if we see life through moments. And passion. If we manage to take away the yearning for eternity from love. Because love would like to last. It is like that. It makes it as it is.
On the stage, Devastations looked like three young Cave-s. They were raw material in combination with the gentle, poets of the rock-n-roll with all of their shortcomings. Just like that, but a bit better, they were described by another Australia’s hero, Rowland S. Howard. They had the honour to perform with him, and they recorded two songs together: Autoluminescent and Ocean, a song that was originally on the last position of side B of Lou Reed’s first album. The last on A side is, how symbolic, Berlin.

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