You’ll shrivel, you’ll be an exotic fruit

/, Blesok no. 30/You’ll shrivel, you’ll be an exotic fruit

You’ll shrivel, you’ll be an exotic fruit

You’ve sung beautifully and yet you heaven’t changed your life
You"ll shrivel, you"ll be an exotic fruit
The Antipa Museum
“Enemy of the People” – lover of the country

Translated by: Daniela Giurculescu

All laughed and went away
As if our short life was meant to be laughed at
Some of them with their long and toothed faces
They laughed sighted and went away

We were sitting and bleeding
We were sitting falling down on ourselves as on some flying little carpets
Fallen down carried away and as dry as a paper for catching flies

Like a springboard which makes no sense
You work on it, agitate it punch it
And nothing happens
And out of the blue you can hear that stupid song
About that little and foolish shepard and about the sad lamb who sang he had got rheumatism
And by no means you should drop by him these days
You’ve sung beautifully but you haven’t changed your life
You cried struggled and jumped and sang beautifully, singer
But you haven’t changed your life
You crouched tensely and crawled to the toilet and threw out
Applauded by thousands of spectators who were caressing your jaw
And nothing happened

How beautifully you’ve sung how smart you felt
Especially when madness grabbed your head squeezing and began to lick your lips
It was something I hadn’t seen before
Standing and looking calm and saying
“God, I’m so sick”
We came back home ate and belched
Suspecting you haven’t even changed your life

AuthorDaniel Banulescu
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