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Virtual Park

The Friend
Virtual Park
Too Painful is that for me
The Line is Law
Hard Decision
Happy Day
The Girl from the Bilboard
Have you ever asked yourself why?! Remaining time is 0.01 sec.

It is over your head, I know my moon flower,
from looks, flattering, proposals, offers,
cheap conversations, but I have no time
for tactics and wrong evening topics

waiting your compound sentence “The sun is shining,
the cow is grazing in the green meadow”
the day is short – the day turns into night
Hitler would kill for compound sentence

It is hard to be a beast, even harder not to be a beast
A few bullets in the ceiling will not change anything
Fight for me, swim to the surface
be faster than time, make strict selection

play simultaneous match with your thoughts,
overcome the discontent, hide the loneliness
I like it how you stand me, uncultured, but you
will have to look for somebody with more nerves.

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