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Virtual Park

The Friend
Virtual Park
Too Painful is that for me
The Line is Law
Hard Decision
Happy Day
The Girl from the Bilboard
Have you ever asked yourself why?! Remaining time is 0.01 sec.

If one thinks a little bit more, it is not such
a bad idea. One same game that repeats,
with known, boring rules. Have you been at that
theatre where everybody plays somebody else’s role.

We pass under my balcony, you say
Latin names of the flowers that my mother
grows – and that is the beginning >>>
I suddenly suggest to escape by train to Veles,

You put your head out of the window,
Your hair flying in the wind, you sit leant
on my shoulder, the train slowly moves ahead,
railroad bending as a black snake,

I felt it in the air, we wander through unknown
streets, looking at the books in the bookshop
windows that got yellow from the sun
(maybe I also stayed in the sun too long)

This day could be endless if you want,
but the next day I’ll sell you to my best friend
and then I’ll take you back again, till the darkness
I wish you heard my confession one day.

*Viola tricolor – blooms early,
resistant to frost and heat pretty much

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