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The Friend
Virtual Park
Too Painful is that for me
The Line is Law
Hard Decision
Happy Day
The Girl from the Bilboard
Have you ever asked yourself why?! Remaining time is 0.01 sec.

I woke up today
forgetting it was my birthday.
I told myself: – Oh, one more line
should be drawn. Ticker underline.

Are you for serious discussion?!
We might reach the essence.
There is a little difference between Hare Krishna
And please Jesus Christ pardon my sins.
There is a big difference.

Everything is relative – would be your answer.
We won’t philosophize, would we?!
It is hard to find
the line that should be taken.
As a tightrope acrobat stretched from day to day.

Point in the coordinate system. Equilibrium.
Between X, Y, Z. Happiness, love, destiny.
Maybe there is no beginning.
All is illusion in our thoughts.

The rows should be thicker.
The words to become critical mass.
Whiskey bless for closeness.
I will buy. I know how to make you happy.

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