Too Many and Too Few

/, Blesok no. 85/Too Many and Too Few

Too Many and Too Few

Too Many and Too Few
Locking and Unlocking
Turkey and Europe
At the Tomb of Kant
On Kant, Again
Critique of Pure (T)reason

Poems from the book The Abduction of Europa (2012)

Too many jam-packed suitcases
Too many train stations
Too many cities and states
Too many guides and maps
Too many museums and libraries
Too many sights and impressions
Too many organized performances
Too many discussions and round tables
Too many days and nights
Too many European writers
Too many cameramen and journalists
On one single train.

Perhaps that is why I managed,
In one and a half months –
The length of my journey –
To read only one book!

My worst average ever, since the time
I learned how to read and write!

AuthorIvan Djeparoski
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