The Ridiculous Shape of Longing

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The Ridiculous Shape of Longing

The Ridiculous Shape of Longing
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It was a very quiet country
Where I lived
The president said
What to be governed by
If not a law
Can you see them standing in line
For love

My friends and neighbours
Made it clear to me
That they enter these places secretly
Their homes
But will usually come out
At any sound
They have never heard before

I just thought
It was a curfew
And wrote a book
Called “How to Deal with the Government”
I felt too easily hurt
By things
Moving too close to me

I started to feel
No matter what time of day
That it was late at night
And read the reviews of my book
With the feeling
That I hadn’t read
The directions on the packet

A month later
When I was a bestseller
They came to take me away
Light the corpse-candle I said
I’m about to be told
Of women and churches
And the souls of ever

The soldiers were careful
Not to make a sound
Were cruel and polite
As they helped me in
To a stretch limousine
Watch your step
said the youngest
All this trouble for the pit?
I asked

AuthorM.T.C. Cronin
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