The Nonexistent Spaces

/, Blesok no. 50/The Nonexistent Spaces

The Nonexistent Spaces

We were the ships, we were built, we departed
How to fill a space that has been lost, has sunk
There is a language that cannot be suppressed: may I adopt
The wind blows through you hair, columns hide the years
Nifty Matron, with sensuous hair and breast, the gondola will
The way through is the space of dogs sniffing marble
Colour is hardly a diversion here. The transparent light
The nonexistent spaces in the Arsenale! The swaying columns

translated by:Peter Boreas
from Across the Fields”

We were the ships, we were built, we departed.
Wine drew us between the columns, a straight course of sweet discourse.
Wood that bent against petrified bones. And always the question who
We were when all was said. I saw the columns, rooms,
Without a centre, weeping ruins. Mother, someone has to be first,
Recount the battle, cover the war and weep on marble.

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