The Face

The Face

This Road Alone
The Face
A song for the one who will walk to the end of the century
Annotiations of a Traveller

This road alone was left before me.
It is a forest or a tale; dirigibles land on the roofs as
the village removes its plague-stricken dead in
wooden carts that rumble away under the cover
of night. While the master shoemaker sleeps
fitfully, the dwarfs get busy making his shoes.
The desert stretches full-length in my dreams,
studded with dangers and cautionary tales.

It is a twofold message, part headed in a different
direction: one disappears like a squirrel into the
kingdom of flora inside of my head, the other awaits
me like a sentry in front of my door.

And there, in the all-night cafeteria where
immigrants hide their broken teeth in their
sleeves, like a drop of ink that travels from iris to
iris, the message lets me know the secret at last;
the empty glass on the table prays for some wine.
Eyes gaze into the distance, while Billie Holiday
sings from the core of her black agony: I SLAVED

And the earth floats among the planets.

AuthorSargon Boulus
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