The Balkans

The Balkans

The Balkans
Between Two Worlds
The Dunghill of Beaux Arts
Pax mecum
Poem de morte for 3 mixed voices
… Ante portas

2. Sin (refrain)

To be killed by your own hand
may mean
to produce a special sound-effect
through the head

(shut the gates of heaven
hard and fast…

3. Dreams (lyrical intermezzo)

Dreams fly headlong from my bed—
an old family lecher
of hereditery weaknesses

so that
those that remain
be used in the proper way:
– robed in white and raped
– put into words: …
Love / I / You
– turned into poems:
Oh, how I love you
– sentenced to eternity
– locked up in cages
– hanged
– dissected
– analysed
– canalised
– robed in white and raped again

I don’t know why it is
but the dreams
fly from me

2a. Genesis of Sin (data additional to Statement 2)

1. Man has committed suicide since the very first day
2. Man thinks of suicide when he gets to know himself
“Know thyself”
3. Man commits suicide because he wants much
4. but achieves little
(the key to progress lies here)
5. Man commits suicide when he is disappointed in:
– his Self
– others
– life
– the city buses
– his car
– his domestic situation
(suggestion: since the home is sick
kids shouldn’t be set homework
but something beyond it
not yet discovered)
6. Man commits suicide because he lives:
– dully
– in the town
– in the country
7. Man commits suicide because sometimes he feels like dying
8. but is afraid of being murdered
“Outrun your enemy”
9. Man commits suicide because of machines
(where is the progress here)
“Welcome my son, welcome to the machine”
10. Man commits suicide out of or for love and I-know-not-what-else

The dead chant:
Man is dead, long live man!

1. Words (remaining as such)

Words start breeding in the morning
in uncertain time and number
or when the alarm clock rings.

Words and faces are what impressses others.
So make up not just your face but words
”to meet the faces that you meet”.

The birthrate of words rises around noon
in uncertain time and number
faced with a larger audience, like a traffic jam.

The deathrate of words rises around midnight
in uncertain time and number
faced with a larger unknown, such as sleep.

1a. Cacophony (deviation from Part 1)

words become eternal, are recorded, taped, undergo musical torture (words written by A.Z., for example), on 8-track tapes, long-play discs, CrO² cassettes, CDs, which, after several years of non-stop use, are thrown into the dustbin. How hard it is to dream while you listen to the screams of a rock-star coming from the private dunghill under your window (even your star starts to tremble madly and grow dark, darker…), or when you listen to J.S. Bach in euphoric or pathetic mood and after the Toccata and Fugue in D Minor you are dead, slain by your own hand, hanged, shot, strangled, poisoned or hara-kiried…

the words are law and the faces and the words are the first to accuse you: “Well, we all know him, since he was a kid he’s been a suicidal type, so it’s no great wonder!”

But you don’t have to be a legislator
(like Solomon or an MP) to write law. You could be a:

thief Don Juan tall
gambler Don Corleone medium or
professor gentle or short (“short people
doctor violent have no reason
to live”)

You don’t have to be all of these, but
it is important to be your own man
to belong to somebody
to love
“Love thy neighbour!”
to be loved
to have a home
to have a pistol, or some other weapon
(could be cold steel) for all eventualities
because you cannot, must not
believe in yourself anymore

2. Sin (refrain)
To be killed by your own hand
may mean
to produce a special sound-effect
through the head

((shut the gates of heaven
hard and fast))

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