Start without me

/, Blesok no. 29/Start without me

Start without me

After New Year
Alone Again
It would be Awful not to Read the Papers
Start without me

The first crying and the last sigh in it
the first moaning and the last erection

between mother’s placenta and family tomb
it is our main interim stop

it checks whether we brushed our teeth before
hugging it
whether our feet are clean or are we
suffocating it

(and we in plaid uniforms for dreaming
lie down lie down lie down)

it knows which side we sleep on when we screw
when we snore

it knows our weight better than a scale
our curves better than our dear

climbed on it we travel around the world
riding it we fuck up the reality

between the first piss and the last bedpan
between the first drool and the last seed

there is Mr. Bed
as long as a lifetime

AuthorJovica Ivanovski
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