Rodaan Al Galidi’s Miracle Egg

/, Blesok no. 92/Rodaan Al Galidi’s Miracle Egg

Rodaan Al Galidi’s Miracle Egg

I Want to Lie Beside You
In one year
Beautiful dream
This poem saved me
Eight Hundred and Sixty
Rodaan Al Galidi’s Miracle Egg
Attempt to Leave
Still Alive

I lay my thoughts on the page,
but a fortnight ago
I laid an egg.

Out of respect for my thoughts
and what might emerge from them,
I built a nest in the corner of the room
and sat on the egg.

Friends and colleagues
couldn’t believe I was trying to hatch out an egg.
They thought I had withdrawn
into my world.

How long must I brood?
Hopefully not a lifetime.

What will emerge?
Hopefully not a human.

AuthorRodaan Al Galidi
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