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Politics, Pornography, Poetry

Key Words: Morning, July, Uzice, Partisans’ Square, sun, wind, life decisions
Former Lovers’ Conversation on a Shared Pillow

we sit and we drink coffee
we do everything that people who
sit and drink coffee do

newspapers spread in front of us
you already tell something
I already remember something
the big alluvial river
of our conversation runs quietly
without meandering and without surprises

and then
then a wind blows
it turns the newspaper page
and moves from culture to entertainment
the sun umbrellas shake
and you
your skirt lifts
but just a bit

quite unnoticed
for the sharpened dicks
around us
chewing the cappuccino spoons
filling in betting tickets
quite unnoticed for the grannies
who took their grandchildren for an ice-cream
quite unnoticed even
for the trained eyes of the waiters

the skirt lifts unnoted just enough
so that you knees peek a bit
your knee bones fly out like periscopes

and I
I lose control
I drown in my desire to fuck you
for us to make love
for you to fuck me
for me to nestle in these knees
establish my own commune of a single member
and hide there from the devastating influence
of tv news
and my own education
which makes me watch
that tv junk

everything that I can wish
for your birthday
for saint valentine
for new year
for your late grandpa and your living father’s name day
for your mom’s company anniversary
for the day of the fight against fascism
for the former days of the republic and future days of statehood
is for me to manage
to channel
this noise inside me

and for the wind to always blow in the direction
of gently lifting your skirt

AuthorBojan Marjanović
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