Poetry – Liljana Dirjan

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Poetry – Liljana Dirjan

My man
Scent and Orchestra Concert
Cairo Taxi


I’m stranded on your ‘cape of good hope’
the ship’s prow bursts, the rudder screams
the measuring instruments fail, the barometer
goes crazy, a thousand atmospheres
water in the clocks, the compasses are glued
to your magnet north, only but north
SOS I broadcast SOS unsuccessfully
thousandth of a second
wounded places
ship secrets, travel charts drawn
the ground shakes from the event
the relief of the sea is transformed
and the anchor, ah the anchor
I have time to look at the sky only
to inject flammable ozone
to plant love flesh
to turn to the landscape
to go blind from the beautiful explosion
before I sink

AuthorLiljana Dirjan
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