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Poetry – Glorjana Veber

In God’s Proximity


How deep are you being carried,
into this cave, into this mine, into a poem?
Did you descend, did you leave, did you think
of the surface, of the skin, of the sky,
when you are being descended down here,
in here into you without everything and with everything,
into all this blackness among all the disappeared people?
So do not look, while going down,
be like the horse, with its eyes covered for the descend,
your elevator and your rope are your body,
steps, content, life,
everything you were missed and took
is now being descended in here thinly,
to feel yourself into the cold, creases, blanket.
Did you know, that you have already been to this place,
then at the beginning, 160 metres
before birth, before outside
a bird rose, exactly the one,
you called towards yourself today,
to tell you that the heart has wings
even beneath the ground, that in darkness
the eyes are glowing with history, no,
down here nobody is waiting anymore,
even the air is more reserved
and the visits are empty except for the light.
Tell me, how deep you are being carried,
when you are in the cave? Do you cringe, do you dare,
do you start to see, are you finally alive?
Tell me, how can I call you
in here into you, without words
and without a touch, how can I address you,
when I am not here? Tell me,
why have you waited this long,
where did you carry your poem,
your ore, your depth, your base,
which surface have you forgotten it on,
which presence has taken it from you,
this rope, this passion, the whole of you?
And please do not answer me, when we are together,
my silence is your mouth,
do you feel it your ore is solid,
its darkness has caught the sun for you.

Translation: Glorjana Veber

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