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Poetry – Damir Šodan

Aisha Kandisha
Durruti 1936
On the Train to Cascais
The Temptation of St. Anthony
Poetry In Small Language

Aisha Kandisha[1]


from Tanger
to West Sahara

stronger than kif
spicier than majoun

it’s a beauty
bearing horror

hatching bedraggled
chicken in grottas

containing multitudes
forming foreign legions

sometime in the 50s
so the books say

35,000 were
married to her

most of them inmates
of the Ber Rechid asylum

in the year of 1953
she was particularly agile

calling to the wretched charmed ones
in their mothers’ voices

compared to her
Circe is just an ordinary bitch

seamen say
and polyhistorians agree

for when you see those
poor creatures sticking it into

the chapped soil
in the dried out river bed

as the kids
shower them with stones

you immediately know that no sorcery
or fqih can do the trick

because love
is always pain

that you share
with others.


[1] Aisha Kandisha is a Moroccan evil spirit that possesses only men.

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