One of These Days If Not Tomorrow

/, Blesok no. 67-68/One of These Days If Not Tomorrow

One of These Days If Not Tomorrow

Autumn in Skopje
Wind and Fog
From Now, until Forever (to S.N.I.)
I Do Not Paint, I Make Love to the Canvas
Stations In Between
I Decided – Definitely
Some People
You Can See His Misery

I don’t give a damn about anybody.
I’ll switch off my lighthouse
and I’ll throw my anchor in my
family port.

Most of the quasi friends –
double faced, closed, hidden,
let them become friends,

who’ll grow more and more afar,
in the end they’ll be barely visible –
somewhere in the middle of the sea.

When I see their hands in the air
I won’t know if they’re waving
or simply drowning.

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