Leaning on its shadow

/, Blesok no. 60/Leaning on its shadow

Leaning on its shadow

* * * (There it is below, between two coasts)
The Preacher
Oh, Cavafy
Tohu va bohu 2
Two Silences
* * * (Just a while longer and I shall return home)
Nothing and Nobody
Everybody Is Alone
When You Are Far
* * * (In the space between two words)
He Went to Bed with the Word

When you are far, there are
winds in the spring mornings,
they can read your fortune
they will touch you, caress you,
they will take my hand
and they will tell us: here, now
your mother will call you.
She knows that her love for you
makes you invincible.

All the skies are small
for the Great Departure…

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