Leaning on its shadow

/, Blesok no. 60/Leaning on its shadow

Leaning on its shadow

* * * (There it is below, between two coasts)
The Preacher
Oh, Cavafy
Tohu va bohu 2
Two Silences
* * * (Just a while longer and I shall return home)
Nothing and Nobody
Everybody Is Alone
When You Are Far
* * * (In the space between two words)
He Went to Bed with the Word

to Olivera Kjorveziroska

Finally, you kissed me
and just like these rains and thunders,
just like these winds,
you chained me to yourself,
and even the Lord himself
can not prevent now
what already happened between us.

But, where are you?

Without knowing,
you settled two silences
around me: a smaller one,
where I dream of you,
where I wait for you,
and a bigger one
where I disappear.
And even the Lord himself
can not prevent now
your forgetfulness and my departure.

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