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Human Gratitude
Good Selection

A blue TV set. And a yellow tomcat.
Stripping the damp dark I walk in. I’m glad.

I shed off slowly the wearing day.
All my black worries are melting away.

Greetings, a smile, and the onions’ smell…
My own Ithaca here seems to be well.

On the floor sitting, for quiet I crave.
I’m not a genius. Nor am I brave.

I was so anxious and feeling so faint –
Nothing will make me remember this day.

I laugh my head off as I watch a play.
I lose a chess game and set off small trains.

Then the bed eagerly calls me to sleep.
But I am wakeful, at the window I peep.

I watch the gold stars that sway in the sky…
The tomcat pleasantly purrs at my side.

AuthorGeorgi Konstantinov
2018-08-21T17:23:46+00:00 April 1st, 2001|Categories: Poetry, Blesok no. 20|0 Comments