Full Month in Istanbul

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Full Month in Istanbul

Getting Dark in the East
A Flood
A Woman Who Craved Ice
Advertisement for Death
Fragments about Photography

again no-good is so good!
plum-brandy is in the blood,
snow in the nose,
flora in the lungs.
soft-boiled for breakfast,
hard-boiled for supper.
sex and food come
at the end, the beginning, and in-between.
sex kills business hours,
food other sports..
I don’t want to go to heaven
for I know nobody there,
if heavens is what they talk about.
requiem for healthy food,
the repose of virtue,
the long litany for safe sex.
you have never
really quit smoking.
you’re thirsty without wine,
hungry without pornography.
where does good end and no-good start?
you look at the covered: what do you see?
you look at the uncovered: what do you see?
the covered reveals,
the uncovered conceals,
no-good is good,
good is no-good:
it’s slippery on a seesaw.

Translated by Mario Susko

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