Full Month in Istanbul

/, Blesok no. 94/Full Month in Istanbul

Full Month in Istanbul

Getting Dark in the East
A Flood
A Woman Who Craved Ice
Advertisement for Death
Fragments about Photography

you were really smart:
you lit the candles and
you turned on the taps in the bathroom.
sound of the water was louder
then vehicles and screams.
you travelled with your fingers
alongside and across.
a poacher in a rainforest.
you fell asleep and you woke up,
talking about dreams.
talking in a sleep
in which one remains.
a sound of water.
a waterfall near bed,
swift butterflies attend to
heightened senses.
a storm doesn’t calm down.
entire building is under water.
and nobody, just nobody
knows how to swim.

Translated by Ana Sviličić

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