Cosmopolis for Josip Osti Sarajevo-Ljubljana
Boundless Room
To My Few Friends
Fidelity to the Sea
Eyewitness in the Garden
Last Resort
Sobering Up

Yes, I belong to those who were once under the spell
of blood. And wild animals leaping from Utopian scenes
into life to leave a mark on the hunter. And people
shaped by the age of crime and restless sleep.

I’m not saying the roar of the underground river I used
to sail attracts me anymore. I’m not saying that at all.
But the wound which condemned me to lordly solitude
has changed form. Once I was one, now I’m a tribe.

And the anguish of a boat setting off from shore inspires me
only in a mirror. I see myself only in the trembling
of a small body conjured by the sweet confusion of my desire.

I humbly praise this joy: how you show me where to receive
the gift of manna. I serve your breath redolent of milk.
I don’t sleep at night so day will shine more truly.

Translated by: Aleš Debeljak & Christopher Merrill

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