Çok seni severam & other barely explainable poems

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Çok seni severam & other barely explainable poems

Çok seni severam
Širok Sokak
Man is not a Bird
The Murmur of Material
Predrag Samardžiski
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Simonides, King of Pentapolis
Notes on the text

As one of the sailors in Pericles
I stood in front of St. Sophia
In the year of 1986
On the eve of it all
Following Gower
Who had risen from the grave

We survived the horrors of Antioch
Came out of the tempest alive
Only to hear
How then
Amidst the knights’ tournament
In Pentapolis
For a moment
Came to a halt —
The play
The tournament
And the whole world

King of Pentapolis
Miloš Tripković
Brilliant actor
In a split second
Parted with his character
Having lost the thread
Of the narrative along with the words

And the prompter Beba
The knights and the lords
The beautiful Thaisa, the daughter of Simonides
All motioned to him in vain

But the oblivious king
Just stood there
And here I am
Nineteen years later
In front of the Church of St. Sophia searching for…
Beats me if I have a clue what I am searching for
Only to finally realize that I am looking for
That very same
Silent pause

What would have happened
Had we not tried to bring Simonides the King
At all costs
Back into the plot
Into the play
Into the text
If we had only let him stand there silent
Even for nineteen years
If need be
There in front of St. Sophia
So everything can remain in peace
The play
The actors
The audience
And all the rest

Miloš Tripković
The King of Pentapolis
In that case
Would still have been alive
And even Shakespeare and St. Sophia
Would not have let him
Die like a dog

AuthorPredrag Lucić
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