Breath-hold diving

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Breath-hold diving

The Color of the Bura, the Exuberance of Hair
The Island Sightseeing
Breath-Hold Diving
Dramatic Peaks on Fridays after the Fish in the Workplace Canteen
Foam of the Day
A Picture

looking out of the window, i see a woman.
she combs her dark hair, long, careful, scrupulous strokes.
gathers it into a top knot and fastens at the back.
she picks up a large, crimson tomato.
bites into it as if it were an apple,
old crone draga would say.
juices drip onto her voluptuous breasts.
go into her big dress cleavage.
she uses her finger to cut the streak.
with the next bite she leans forward.
juicy drops fall on the sizzling stone.
they quickly dry on the smooth surface, become an aquarelle.
abstraction. a structure. a monochrome.
her dress is black with large flower patterns.
the cut at her back goes all the way to her bum cleft.
two cleft halves made to measure.
one half of her back is tanned.
the other half is milky white.
on the stone the tomato changes its color.
in the left corner of the stone cube
a big green grasshopper rests for a moment.


Translated by: Mario Suško

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