An Unwritten Poem

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An Unwritten Poem

There Are Some Ordinary Lives, but All Loves Are Extraordinary
Some Poets Write As They Live
Tonight, My Love, Fire Walks Through the City
An Unwritten Poem
Question Mark
The Invisible, My Love, Overflows with Meaning
We Have Nothing Left, My Love, Except Love
When You Are Not With Me in Tomai
The Window Was Blind
It Happened In Broad Daylight

From “Ненапишана песна / Nenapisana pjesma / An Unwritten Poem”, Blesok, 2011.

love is
you said
willing to sew on even a buton

between our meetings
you listen to Tchaikovsky
in vain stab invisible thread through
a more invisible needle

a full moon has fallen
off the blue shirt of the morning
and rolled somewhere under the bed

Translated by Ruzha Cleaveland and Boris A. Novak

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