An Unwritten Poem

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An Unwritten Poem

There Are Some Ordinary Lives, but All Loves Are Extraordinary
Some Poets Write As They Live
Tonight, My Love, Fire Walks Through the City
An Unwritten Poem
Question Mark
The Invisible, My Love, Overflows with Meaning
We Have Nothing Left, My Love, Except Love
When You Are Not With Me in Tomai
The Window Was Blind
It Happened In Broad Daylight

Tonight, my love, fire walks through the city.
It walks the way I used to walk around.
It peeks, inquisitively, into the darkest nooks.
Lights up the dear, bewildered faces that have long gazed
at each other in the course of days turned into night
in the dense darkness of a basement without being seen,
but were merely touched, fearfully and gently carressed
with cold hands. Remembered by soft, frost-bitten fingertips.
The flame walks like a conqueror and a liberator.
Its triumphal stare sends icy shivers through the heart.
Before it, twilight thickens.
The twilight in which my mother, now for a long time
skin and bones, has not dared to look into a mirror.
Into a fragment of the mirror which multiplies
the grim nightfall within and around her,
embracing her wildly, protectively, like a dead lover.

Translated by Mia Dintinjana

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