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Poetry – Tihomir Jančovski

Mud Is Made of Earth and Water
Needle & Thread
Beauty Will Save the World
Immovable Asset


Today, for the first time in a long while,
I took up a needle and a thread
and found it difficult
to pass it through
(the eye of the needle).
Back in the day,
I could easily do it in no time.
By the way, I was darning a sock,
As good as new –such a waste to throw it away.
Once, the master of this trade, now the art is lost to me.

Come to think of it, this would be a good
metaphor for aging.
But who still knows how to mend and sew?
Nowadays, these skills are obsolete, archaic,
No longer taught in school.

I hope old age
(if I live long enough to see it)
will be kinder to me
than youth and the middle age.
For back then,
I was mostly old, very old,
Always immersed in thoughts.

I know what I want:
a calm mind,
a soul at peace,
a body full of joy.

I hope in old age
I will become a child again.

AuthorTihomir Jančovski
Translated byTihomir Jančovski
Translated byDijana Komlenac
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