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Poetry – Igor Isakovski

I am a handsome soldier

a hero of wasted nights

filled with clear thoughts

about the complete pointlessness

filled with detailed thoughts

about easy dying and disappearing


I am a handsome soldier

my medals lost and forgotten

in the corners of the dustiest drawers

of my memory and love and yearning


the edges of the abyss are everywhere

always closer than you think

always gaping for your mind

always hungry, their mouth vulturous

for your thought, for your light


I am a handsome soldier

I drag my gun alone through the desert

my feet are filled with strength and blisters

my palms are made of scares and strong grips

my lips are a mountainous relief

my lips are silent and thirsty and closed


   22.01.2014, 02:16

AuthorIgor Isakovski
Translated byElizabeta Bakovska
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