On Macedonia

On Macedonia

The unique position of Macedonia and its unrivaled capacity to be a home of pleasant climes, herbs, animals and people from all three Continents, has brought it the worthiest epithet ever given to any place on Earth:
Is there a more honorable and unblemished attribute than to call a place “The Link of the World?! What praise can surpass the noble and elevated meaning which emanates so translucently from the nucleus of these words!?! Even the greatest Kingdoms, the most powerful Empires oppose, confront and face the rest of the world. Their power is drawn from the barriers with which they partition and segment the world. Is not the power that creates and erects barriers, walls, and obstacles weaker than the power which conquers, neutralizes and annihilates them!?! This is precisely the main characteristic of Macedonia and a noble reason for why people have created, cherished and kept the worthiest epithet for their most precious idea and most passionate need – “Catena Mundi”! – “The Link of the World” – the incarnated moment when we are able to face and understand the Other – to comprehend the eternally alien and threatening face of an adversary, a face which, through us, is reflected back to him. The world would not grasp the meaning of the word “meeting” if it were not for Macedonia! Therefore, Macedonia, as “a place where all worlds meet”, and moreover, “a factor which links the worlds”, is the only universal equivalent. It is a link, a tie, a clasp, which, is not merely functional, but also a “Catena Aurea”, the most beautiful clasp cast in gold. Macedonia holds, binds, brings the world together, and is its most beautiful adornment at the same time. It is an alloy of hardest metals, a most delicate clasp of filigree – beyond parallel and comparison.

The way out of the universal solitude is called Macedonia. It focuses and decodes the secret algorithm by which a casual meeting or relationship, a rare privilege of individuals, becomes a cosmic event. Instead of demanding a place in this or that continent, Macedonia has the sovereign right to expect the continents to see in it their most significant, beautiful and human part: the part of each continent which becomes an integral unit of the other two, none of which is of lesser or greater importance, or, as the poet would say of “… The wind, the sky and the earth”. Located in the very dynamic center of the tectonic clash between the triad – Europe, Asia, Africa – Macedonia had been considered the center of the rotational axis of the whole known world as early as 2500 years ago. The other two continents – the two large islands of America and Australia – remain as two detached and isolated stabilizers of the central bulk of the land united in the region of Macedonia.

The legends connected with the origin of Macedonia and its name bear in themselves a prophetically dense message which, in the light of the general fact revealing it as “The Clash of the World Cast in Gold”, gain a startling and consistent validity. If our thesis proves acceptable, all three continents, which in the time when the name originated had been considered as elements of the whole world, should be proud of their origin. Could one find a better confirmation of such a thesis than the fact that the name of Macedonia, through the name of Macedon has been registered in the mythology of all three continents?! Or, in other words, what is there in the myths by means of which Europe, Africa and Asia seek for an answer to resolve their isolation through a unique point of authentic proximity, and which is linked to the name of Macedon and the area known as Macedonia?!

In all three myths, apart from the divine, i.e. Royal descent of Macedon, his righteousness, temperance and wisdom have been praised, which, on a higher level of interpretation, suggests the outstanding quality of the person who linked and united the three opposed worlds: the worlds of the white, yellow and black people. Thus, European mythology considers Macedon the son of Zeus and Thea, who, as a result of his distinguished spiritual values and his enormous physical power, was appointed by his father Zeus to rule the most neuralgic and significant region of the world – the axis where the three continents meet. It is quite indicative that Macedon’s brother was known by the name of Magnet. Apparently the great adhesive power indispensable for the titanic task of keeping the three parts of the world together, is closely related to Macedon himself, who greatly needed the magnetic power for such responsibility.

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