Four stories

Four stories

A Dilemma
Chameleons (taken from ‘Miniatures’)
Statistician (taken from ‘Miniatures’)
The Magic Carpet (taken from ‘Miniatures’)

translated by Branislav Blagojević

Nutritionists teach you what and how to eat. I don’t know exactly what they were called in the Middle Ages, when they thought young princes and princesses how to behave at the table, what, how and when to eat. The Trade itself survived to date, successfully piling-up the knowledge over the centuries. At the end of the 20th century they became a part of music, film and fashion world, and they also often advised celebrities of political establishment. Nowadays their wisdom is available to everyone – they have countless columns in magazines (or even special editions), TV series, internet blogs… They are an integral part of life of models, actresses, sportsmen, musicians… Nutritionists know what you should eat when a lunar cycle is half way; they will tell you without hesitation, if it is OK for you to eat avocado if your blood group is AB; they will advise you on vitamins, proteins, and other ‘ins… ’
Nevertheless, none of these highly qualified, skilled philanthropists (since they do not share their knowledge and opinion for money) was able to solve my dilemma from long ago: Is it OK to eat a can of ‘meat breakfast’1F for dinner?

1. Word game – “mesni doručak” literary means meat breakfast, and is a popular brand name in some republics of former Yugoslavia.

AuthorBerislav Blagojević.
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