The state of the American collective psyche expressed through films and series with parallel universes

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The state of the American collective psyche expressed through films and series with parallel universes

Deciphering the symptoms
Science and parallel universes
Creation of parallel universes in American society
No matter how much we get to know ourselves, we still only know ourselves in the same universe
Melanie Klein
Joyce Byers = Melanie Klein

Science and parallel universes

The question inevitably arises: Why do we have a deposition, or, as Freudians would say “condensation”, of TV series and movies in which the action takes place in or around parallel universes: Stranger Things, Rick and Morty, Family Guy, feature cartoons like Monsters Inc. or movies with a deeper philosophical and metaphysical interpretations such as Interstellar and Midnight Special? One of the possible answers with great certainty of accuracy is that the growing popularity of this topic arises thanks to the emergence of mega-popular scientists and communicators of science such as Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Michio Kaku, Bill Nyll, Lawrence Krauss and others, who, in a creative way, dismantle complicated topics so that they can be understood by ordinary people who have little or no knowledge of physics.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson in his book Astrophysics for People in a Hurry (Tyson, 2017, p. 20) and Michio Kaku in Parallel Worlds (Kaku, 2004, pp. 146 – 181.) are trying to answer one of the most important questions in the fields of physics and philosophy: What would happen if we appeared or were inserted into another universe? This could happen, for example, if we were sucked into a black hole. The answer or the fear is that the physical laws of that parallel universe may be completely different: Plus might become minus, or, instead of gravity, there may be some completely different force or perhaps even none at all.. Their convictions are that we probably would cease to exist, that we would simply be disintegrated at the molecular, atomic, and smallest particle levels.

Creation of parallel universes in American society

It is almost impossible to have a conversation with an American, to read the news from America or to talk on any subject and not to mention and see the division in American society, especially after Trump’s election victory. But, in a deeper analysis, it can be seen that the division is not only political-ideological, but racial, religious, financial, educational, and—the most horrible—scientific. Things are absurd in America: A nation in which two businessmen are in a neck-to-neck race to commercialize the space industry, at the same time has a president who denies climate change and threatens states with nuclear war through social media. The far left occupies and censors universities, and the far right openly shows Nazi affinities and intentions.

A huge number of analysts are trying to put things under the microscope, but their findings are even more frightening: One of the reasons is the direct attachment of a political commitment to one’s own individual ego and the deep strata of the psyche. What I stand for gets impregnated in the structure of my being, to the self, and it is done in this way. What I speak and write becomes my signifier and since there can not be direct connection subject – object, I make the connection to the object only through their signifiers that are signified to me. . And so that is the way I explain the world around me and understand the order and the law of social behavior. As long as I am in a “universe” where my “signifier” can easily establish a link with “signified”, then I am a stable subject. The stability of the molecules in this universe is due to the forces that govern the way the particles behave. But if these forces disappear or are of a different kind, as scientists assume is the case with parallel universes, then molecules lose stability and decay. The same thing happens with the subject who is not able to make the link signifier – signified with the Symbolic Level of another dimension, Тhe Name of the Father in the other dimension is foreclosed; there is no way of creating quilting points and so disintegration occurs.

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