Eros/Thanatos – Frida/Slavenka

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Eros/Thanatos – Frida/Slavenka

Eros/Thanatos – Frida/Slavenka

Frida is present in feminist organizations, as a personality that has participate in the history of women. However, it is rarely mentioned that the reason for all other attributions of Frida was the usage of pain. Also, it is never mentioned that this pain has turned from physical into such a big psychological pain. The hyperbolisation of Frida’s pain by herself implies latently that one studies what makes it so big and strong. Frida is the woman that has not only descriptively and vividly shown her pain and spoken about it without shame, but it also shows that every woman is capable of facing it. Maybe that is why she has bene sent. Not to be a well-known painter, but thanks to painting, to show and bring closer the size of temptation that she passed through. So that she leaves and example that every woman is capable of sustaining any pain, if there is a goal. That endurance is an attribute typical for women and that there is no pain which a woman could not endure and turn into love. Therefore, since she was a child until she became an adult woman, she has tasted all pain and always honestly and without reservations she spoke of her pain. After she had experienced all stadia and types of pain, leaving an example to be followed in endurance and persistence, she left on her own free will. She was scared of the indifference that the people had when they looked at her, and there is nothing crueler than indifference towards a woman. She left with a wish never to return again, but after history started to neglect the most important thing that she existed for, just as Frida was persistent – she came back. This time as a novel, written by a character similar (or maybe identical) to her. To remind of the power of endurance and the beauty of a woman. Or, to return to show what really causes all that pain, so that it is never repeated again.

Between Lilith and Eva

Lilith and Eva are an archetype of pain. The pain started with them – for one of them as a punishment for her disobedience, for the other as a punishment for her resourcefulness. The pain started from a woman and still, pain is born by a woman, because she brings life, and the pain comes from life and in life. Frida could not choose in whose shadow she would stand, the one of the disobedient or the resourceful, therefore this duality in her character. The synonyms of pain are the names of the first women and Frida among them.

Lilith is a mythical character whose existence is not mentioned in the Bible. Judaism is the first religion that mentions that there was a first wife to Adam, before the creation of Eve. The story of Lilith is that when God created Adam, the latter, seeing that all animals were in couples, felt lonely and asked God to create another creature similar to him. God created Lilith, also from mud and breathed soul into her, just as he had created Adam. Because of her permanent sexual desire, disobedience and non-defiance, Adam complained to the Creator. Lilith also disobeyed God and therefore she was persecuted from Heaven. She was doomed to eat her own (demonic) children.
Lilith also appears in the first preserved writings, such as the Gilgamesh story. Also, there was a statue of a woman 1F found in Mesopotamia, with distinguished steatopygia2F, wings and elongated feet and it is believed that she represents Lilith.

On the other hand, the story of Eva is quite present in religion, especially the part about her obedience. She is an obedient woman, a caring mother and she is considered a template on what the role of woman in family should be. Still, if one looks deeper in the story, the saying quiet river runs down the coast, because with her obedience she has convinced Adam to taste the forbidden apple. What the disobedient and cursed Lilith previously had not managed.

AuthorDijana Petrova
Translated byElizabeta Bakovska
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