Skopje secret spots

Skopje secret spots

Mural “Fresco for the National Liberation War II”, 1976, painted in fresco buono technique, with dimensions 370×800 cm, by the artist Borko Lazeski, the first abstract painter and great monumentalist, participant in the National Liberation War and one of the founders of the avant-garde group “Today” in 1953. Location: the entrance ground floor in the building (entry to the Central Register) of the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia, built according to the project of Olga Papeš and Radomir Lalović in the period between 1971-1975.

“With the liberation, everything changed – everything became ours. Including the wall.

Already in 1950, for the annual exhibition of DLUM (Association of Fine Artists of Macedonia) I made the portable fresco “Ilinden 1903”. That’s how it all started. With the details of the biography, with the political determination, with the desire to create art accessible to everyone, and against the easel painting, with a message for the generations about a great time.” Borko Lazeski, Nova Makedonija, Sunday, February 18, 1979, p. 11

Mosaic “Flora and Fauna/Taurus”, 1970/71 made by the artist Petar Mazev in the meeting room within the Cabinet of the Director of Stopanska Banka. Location: Stopanska Banka building at the entrance to the City Shopping Centre, Skopje.

“When it is told, it is different. When it is painted, it all happens unconsciously, everything comes out together, mixes and lives its own life. The image is a set of times from when I was born to this moment, thinking by the way about tomorrow. The image is worn all the time.” Petar Mazev, 1989/90, Interview with Sonja Abadžieva.

“THE PAINTING is not made, but created”, Petar Lubarda, 1966.

The Birth of the Lake, a composition by the famous artist Petar Lubarda, (made in lacquer technique), 1971, located in the Army Hall. This “Skopje giant” with its 81 m2 is one of the most impressive works of the artist, as he stated: “It will be my strongest work of art” (Nova Makedonija, 1971). There are many things and many reasons for creating this composition. One of them is that in Macedonia there are old lakes, the oldest in Europe, formed in the tectonic shifts of the earth’s crust in the past geological epochs, a million years ago. And that contains many, many other things: the conflict itself, the birth in general, that is, the creation of a process that is logical in nature (1971). Lubarda also adds that today’s cities are large and if we do not enrich them with art they can become desolate.

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