Skopje secret spots

Skopje secret spots

“There are no substantial changes with me. It is just a constant, continuous development, these are deeply thought-out steps, which come on the basis of what has already been achieved. I was only clearing up what was contrary to the essence of myself and my attitude towards the world until I came to my pre-element in the drawing, the colour, the conception. That means that now I paint with a brush, in black, red and yellow and in fact I express my preoccupations through the formal elements of a square, triangle and circle, without a third dimension. To put it all together in one sentence, a plagiarized sentence, thinking that thus it becomes clearer: “Embroideress tell me how to give birth / to a song of pure Macedonian worth,…” It can be born today only in the span between our medieval painting – where folk art was interrupted 500 years ago and the tradition in the world, the modern art. I am not satisfied with my paintings as a creator, but I would be happy if in the end I manage to make my work appear as that lost link of the continuity of our art”. Dimitar Kondovski, daily press, Skopje, interview with Ksenija Gavriš, 24.11.1963 год.

Unpublished and undocumented Spatial installation by the artist Dimitar Kondovski, made in iron in the period between 1966 – 1968. It was made for an accompanying building of the Skopje Ironworks.

Stained glass “Light of the past”, 1975, made by the artist Borko Lazeski in 2 vertical strips with dimensions 10 x 2.5 meters integrated in the interior of the ceremonial hall of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, built by design and interior design by architect Boris Čipan in 1975 .

Location: Blvd. Krste Misirkov no.4

Photo: Ivan Blažev

Mosaic “Coins in Macedonia through the centuries” made by the artist Ana Temkova, in 1978, with an area of ​​14 m2. It is made of Venetian and Prilep stone, made for the hall of the Stopanska Banka building, now premises of Komercijalna Banka. For this monument, the artist received the prestigious “11 Oktomvri” award given by the Parliament of R. М. for top achievements and proven values ​​in the field of arts and science.

Location: Komercijalna Banka Branch, Quay Dimitar Vlahov, Skopje.

“The mosaic covers 14 square meters and is made in a mild relief of Venetian and Prilep stone. I finished the mosaic this spring, and it took me almost twelve months to prepare the project and execute it, since this is my first monumental composition. The commissioning party (the Bank) gave me instruction to present the coins in Macedonia through the centuries through the mosaic. But even though the topic, so to speak, was imposed on me, the mosaic as a composition contains all the motifs that I have painted so far: figures, jewellery, costumes, old Macedonian architecture facades. I took six peasant women from different parts of our country as a motif for the mosaic, with costumes containing a lot of jewellery and strings of money, the glitter of which I symbolically captured with the gleam of the Venetian stone.” Ana Temkova, Večer, November 18, 1978, p. 11.

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