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Radio Free Skopje

Radio Free Skopje

The project Radio Free Skopje was realized for a first time from 27 October till 1 November 2015 (implemented in cooperation with the Centre for Contemporary Arts (CAC) in Skopje and Radio MOF) as a 6 daily radio project (internet radio, broadcasted on ). During the duration of the project we have broadcasted different program contents related to the culture issues, arts and questions related with the civil society) of which 20 hours were produced specially for this occasion. The Mobile Gallery has been transformed into an object – a radio receiver and the interior of the gallery turned into a studio. The intervention itself was my personal respond to the scandalous mega project 2014 which had transformed not only the main urban places in the city but also had an intention to erase numerous buildings and urban landscapes from the people’s collective memory.

The project Radio Free Skopje has been developed as a protest against the general repression of freedom of expression and thought. Our goal is to point not only to that segment of media freedom in Macedonia but also for the actual space that the cultural contents have in the electronic and written media . What is also important in this turbulent period of political and economic changes is to relay the issues about our common future, the solidarity and responsibility of each individual. It seems that in order to move forward or make a turn, from time to time our gaze must be directed in the rearview mirror.

The work done so far has shown that there are possibilities to activate part of the intellectual and creative community to participate actively in the opening of the important questions in our society and to be part of the solutions to the problems.

Our goal is that through artistic means we will contribute to the sensitization and raising awareness in society with our commitment to the democratization of the media.
The program content is divided into several sections. The focus are the themes from the culture, art and civil society. Satirical news- a unique way for reflection of the Macedonian political and social reality, production of radio plays,Contact show, Hello Urania!, in which citizens are able to report violations of human rights and to consult with Urania Pirovska, executive director of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, Who is Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf, with the journalist Alexandra Bubevska, focused on issues of marginalized groups in Macedonia, satirical contact show Full Contact with the writer Ivan Shopov, interviews and discussions with active actors on the art scene in Macedonia and abroad, debates and concerts.

This project aims to challenge the radio format and to develop a different meaning to the radio as a medium and a place for free speach and thinking but also as an artistic platform who unites the content not presented in the mediums in the country.

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