This is a photo gallery of the murals painted at this year’s 8th Street Arts Festival in Mostar by artists from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Germany, Argentina and the USA.

From its beginnings in 2012, the festival has grown by leaps and bounds to this day, fulfilling its mission to ennoble public spaces, contribute to the cultural life of the city, and create a strong multicultural urban platform to promote young artists.

Through the street art in Mostar, we can see the potential of the cultural and creative processes that help foster dialogue and positive reaction from the general society.

With the support of national, regional and international artists, the festival has been growing every year, serving as a place of freedom where one of the most beautiful galleries exists under the open sky and is a hallmark of the city and the wider region.

Amela Memić -BiH

Benjamin Čengić-BiH

Darko Jovičić- BiH

Deni Božić -BiH

Dinho Bento ( Brazil)

Dženana Taso- BiH

Enrico Carne ( Italy)

Erick Sanchez – USA

Irene Infantes – Spain

Iva Pažin -BiH

Jeron- BiH

Luca Ledda -Italy

Lunar ( Zagreb- Croatia)

Mabel Vicentef -Argentina

Mane Mei- Zagreb

Marko Zakky Zadro-BiH

Martin Frljić -BiH

Medina Dedić -BiH

MSYP kolektiv – BiH

Muhamed Baručija -BiH

Rikardo Druškić & Benjamin Čengić -BiH

Sokar Uno-Germany

Srđan Demon Dimić -Srbija

Zesar Bahamonte-Spain

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