Poetry and photographs by Xhabir Memedi Deralla, in English (2011)

Published by Shortcut Production in association with Blesok

Edition unsorted, book 04

Price: 300 den.


ISBN 978-608-65288-0-5, 16×23 cm., 84 pages
cover: paperback, plastic-coated

Additional contents:

  • Bio-bibliographical note

(The book is printed in English.)

The words of Xhabir Deralla are of the city, they walk the streets, ride in the elevators, eat junk food, get in cafés, jump over the bar, bounce from bottles and glasses, penetrate through the cigarette smoke, getting you drunk and sobering you up, intermittently. Those are urban words, asphalted, red from the traffic lights and wide as the boulevards, greasy from the burek in the mornings, at times blurry as the smog, sometimes seductive as a mini skirt or a neckline. Those are no easy words, impossible to swallow, they stay in your stomach like a brick, and are harmful to the liver, they are no good for vegetarians, anti-alcoholics, ecologists, and Buddhists. They are not recommended to animal and flowers lovers, no good for housewives or those who watch the state assembly’s channel. Xhabir Deralla is not going to comfort you, it is not his aim. He doesn’t intend to warn you, it’s too late for that. Xhabir Deralla doesn’t aim at anything else but life the way it is. That is the task of the artist, indeed, to always be on the side of life and to witness it. A task that is never easy and thankful, but Xhabir wants (has to) accomplish it. As many before him, he is proud of the burden assigned to him (arts always demanded a certain dosage of masochism) and would not swop places with anyone. Miroslav Stojanović – Šuki (full article: http://shortcut-xhd.blogspot.com/2011/04/miroslav-stojanovic-shuki-poetry-of.html)

AuthorXhabir Deralla
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