Sleep before Evening

////Sleep before Evening

Sleep before Evening

Novel by Magdalena Ball (2012)

Translated from English by Elizabeta Bakovska.

Edition s.r., book 25

As Marianne struggles with her demons and we almost hold our breath as she nears her eighteenth birthday, Magdalena Ball’s “Sleep Before Evening” shows us that in order to find yourself, you sometimes have to lose yourself first.

Price: 400 den.


ISBN 978-9989-59-376-5, 14×20 cm., 304 pages
cover: paperback, plastic-coated

Additional contents:

  • Bio-bibliographical note

(The book is printed in Macedonian language.)

Sleep Before Evening is certainly more than a novel. It is an honest piece of commentary on familial and societal elements that tear apart the tender fabric of innocence off youngsters’ lives. Marianne comes to the readers as the true picture of loneliness, her survival resting on the development of a human connection. Yet, her failure to find one in a crowded city because people are insecurely and frantically looking for career, fame, and money, is a thought-provoking tragedy. Whether or not she comes out these tempestuous waters is a separate issue; the need to understand her, look for her in our homes and lives, and help her out of her throes is crucial to our own survival as humans on this planet. Ernest Dempsey

AuthorMagdalena Ball
Translated byElizabeta Bakovska
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