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House of Language

Selected poems /1995-2005/ by Josip Osti. Author’s selection. (2006)

Preface and translation from Croatian: Igor Isakovski.

Edition Morpheus, book 07

The word, like a knife, has multiple purposes. Josip Osti chooses to heal, tell, transmit.

Price: 250 den.


ISBN 9989-928-53-3, 12х17 cm., 194 pages
cover: paperback, plastic-coated

Additional contents:

  • Bio-bibliographical note

(The book is printed in Macedonian language. Translated from Croatian.)

The verse of Josip Osti is free of visible burdens. As he says in one of his poems, he really does not stick to form for he “learns from the tormented”, unlike those who learn from tormentors, those who “check the correctness of the rhyme”. These are the same people who shelled ‘their’ Sarajevo. The word, like a knife, has multiple purposes. Josip chooses to heal, tell, transmit. He does that skillfully and warmly, humanely. Openly and without reservations, to the last breath. Smiling with a tear in his eye. He writes not only reminders of Srečko Kosovel, Marina Cvetaeva, Luis Armstrong (let me mention but a few), but also memories of what “the hysteria of history” must not make us forget. And when we look in the mirror, we should also see the dark face of the world which we like so much and where – whether we want to admit or not – we live, every day and in a constant struggle. Our own face, as Josip Osti would say. And one can not but agree. (From Igor Isakovski’s postface)

AuthorJosip Osti
Translated byIgor Isakovski
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