Космополис / Kozmopolis / Cosmopolis

////Космополис / Kozmopolis / Cosmopolis

Космополис / Kozmopolis / Cosmopolis

Selected poetry by Aleš Debeljak, in Macedonian, Slovenian, and English. (2010)

Translated into Macedonian by Igor Isakovski.

Translated into English by Christopher Merrill, Andrew Zawacki with Aleš Debeljak.

Edition EvaTas, book 04

these are the lungs I use to breathe, this the air I turn into song

Price: 240 den.


ISBN 978-9989-59-328-4, 13×20 cm., 144 pages
cover: paperback, plastic-coated

Additional contents:

  • Bio-bibliographical note

(The book is printed in Macedonian, Slovenian, and in English.)

AuthorAleš Debeljak
Translated byIgor Isakovski
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